Willy Rizzo

Willy Rizzo’s furniture designs appear to be closely linked to his apartments, both in style & story.

In 1966 on a visit to Rome, Willy Rizzo spontaneously took a lease on a commercial unit which would become not only the photographer`s home but a career turning point.

Barely habitable and without running water, Rizzo set about turning the empty office into a living space. Working with local artisans, Rizzo customised furniture for his lofty apartment. It was here that he was inspired to design the Alveo burl walnut coffee table bar, which is available at Roomscape.

Having photographed stars & aristocrats, Rizzo had a ready-made customer base who fell in love with his creations and began placing orders.

Rizzo`s designs reflected his innate sense of luxury which developed from his contact with architects such as Le Corbusier & Mies van der Rohe who he photographed. This Willy Rizzo Modernist coffee table has both clean lines and elegant multi-metals.

In 1979 Willy Rizzo returned with his wife to Paris, living in the same apartment up to his death in 2013. Roomscape was pleased to find this apartment featured in the online magazine of Casa Vogue.

The main room features both Rizzo’s modular sofa and a coffee table from his Flaminia range. Below is an original advert for `Linea Flaminia`. Willy Rizzo points out that a Modernist table like this goes well with his Louis XIV & oriental pieces